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The first food court in Zanzibar. Mixing great food and superb design

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Nestled in the heart of Paje, Bento Paje stands as Zanzibar's premier food court, introducing a fresh and innovative dining concept to the island. With its unique design and inviting ambiance, Bento offers a culinary journey that spans the globe. From tantalizing dishes crafted with the finest ingredients to beverages that cater to every palate, the variety is vast, yet the prices remain comfortably mid-range.

What truly sets Bento apart is our commitment to swift service without compromising on quality. Here, gourmet meals are served promptly, ensuring that our guests savor world-class cuisine in mere minutes. Our bar, too, boasts an extensive range of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, from refreshing soft drinks to intricate cocktails, ensuring there's something for everyone.
Beyond our culinary offerings, Bento Paje is deeply committed to environmental responsibility. We proudly uphold a zero-plastic policy and emphasize sustainable waste management, making every effort to reduce our carbon footprint and champion eco-friendly practices.

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Wok & Poke is inspired by Asian & Hawaiian, a real fusion kitchen. New restaurant at Bento in Paje, Zanzibar

New restaurant opening

Wok dish, pad thai, healthy poke bowl...
Wok & Poke is inspired by Asian & Hawaiian, a real fusion kitchen. A story of taste, love and flavors.

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Baba's burgers from Bento Paje at Sunwaves festival in Zanzibar

Baba's at Sunwave Festival

Baba's burger team was present during the whole festival selling their famous burgers to the partygoers who really enjoyed them to get full of energy on the dancefloor.